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Container Carrier CC-45-3-S

D-TEC Container Carrier is the lightest rigid chassis, with a standard deadweight from 3.7 tons. With the current 45ft chassis there are regular incidents of damage to the truck and/or loading dock.  One of the most important causes of damage is that the locking pins on the front of the trailers are not put back in the correct position on many occasions. D-TEC has responded to this by constructing the lock in such a way that it cannot remain open.

Video 45ft chassis

Saving diesel
Studies have shown that you can save 1000 litres of diesel a year with a 1000 kg lighter chassis. The maintenance costs are extremely limited due to the robust, simple design. The multifunctional chassis slides out fully mechanically, without any pneumatic components. This guarantees optimum operation in all weather conditions and a low outage. Using resilient, high strength steel enables the chassis to resist a great deal of distortion. This means, for example, that loading errors are less likely to cause permanent damage, thereby reducing repair costs.

The advantages

The advantages of a Container Carrier 45ft

  • Extremely low deadweight (3,7 ton) 
  • Robust quality, high quality steel prevents permanent distortion caused by any overload
  • Unique construction locking pins on the front side of the trailer
  • Simple to use 

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